Friday, February 1, 2013

More of Isabelle de Borchgrave....

More beautiful paper in incredible rooms!

This dress has been commissioned by the museum for permanent display. Can you see the creases in the Satin above? These same creases occur in the painting. 

I can not imagine gathering paper "poof" sleeves.

And peeking out......
were these dancing slippers. I had to get down on the floor to fully photograph them. Aren't they a treat?

The shoes are amazing, but the hat is unbelievable. 

This costume is meant to echo the finery of the Russian wedding guest depicted in the painting seen behind this hat. All the pearl beads are paper painted with iridescent paint. The jewels and scarf are paper as well. I still can't believe my eyes!

The perspective of the hat picture is difficult, it sits askew from the back of a chair.....can you see?

The trim is cut and curled paper. The tailoring is exquisite.

Again, there are more. Would you like to see? Emily completed the photos on her camera. I'll need to convince her to send them to me.

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