Monday, January 7, 2013


     I've been asked if my plan is to write every day, and I replied, "No, I don't want to face that fear of failure." And honestly, I thought I would take a day off until I was reminded to remember.

     David's mom died three years ago today. He called and asked me to write about her. I was really surprised, because he is so much more private than I am. He said he wanted others to remember and to know we had held close this love for her in our home today.

     Now, I'm sitting and remembering and giving thanks for all that Mom was and did for all of us. For us, she has not gone far - just on the other side of the curtain of time. So thank you for - raising the wonderful man with whom I've shared my life, opening up your heart to a young, scared wife, letting me do laundry at your house for the first year of marriage, coming from England for the birth of both our little girls, cooking many meals of hospitality for us, teaching me to cook, introducing me to your friends, taking us on trips, shopping with me (and a double stroller) in England, teaching me to play bridge, loving my friends and family, cherishing my homemade gifts, encouraging our dreams about "this old house,"helping us move, helping us renovate, harvesting chickens with me (pluck, pluck), never missing any event in our children's lives, being proud of our accomplishments, encouraging me when I wanted to work, babysitting,and.........demonstrating unbelievable sacrificial love. You never complained of not feeling well. You kept going until the bitter end with a smile on your face. You were gracious, fearless, and courageous in the face of death. You loved me enough to allow me to love you so completely and intimately at the end. You were so vulnerable and yet not angry. You were so calm and only concerned about us. We remember. We love you.

Yes, life goes on and is even joyfully anticipated. But, you never forget your Mom or your Grammy. You aren't supposed to. You are supposed to honor and remember those who've gone before, and we do.

- Katherine

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  1. Katherine, you write beautifully and I am a blog lover!! And of course, I love your family so I will be reading all your entries. How brave of you to start this endeavor-you go girl!!!