Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A New Year, A New Walk

           What does it mean to be a sister? ....I'm a woman who collects relationships; therefore, I'm a sister to others. This blog is a place for me to celebrate life and the people I love. It is a place where I can share thoughts, tips, crazy ideas, dreams, and current projects that may or may not ever get finished. So, it's a place for us to come along beside each other to walk and talk, laugh and smile.
            I've been inspired by others along the way, humbled by the blog of Ann Voscamp, which I have read for several years, and sometimes, I've been paralyzed with fear at the idea of adding my voice to all those clambering to be heard. Finally, I've come to the conclusion that I have to do this, no matter how foolish others may think I am. I have stories to share, love to offer, and prayers to mumble as we walk.
            I have this new friend, and I just know how special she is without knowing her story. Erin is a neighbor with two young children, so you know she is busy. I'm a Mom with a newly empty nest, and you know this can be a little lonely. When I shared my secret dream to write and have a website, she went out and purchased this domain name for me as an early Christmas present. Then, she created a logo, so I could just begin....no worries or anything to hold me back. The rest can come later. So, my heartfelt thanks to Erin, who has given me the gift of myself. That's the best a sister can be, the best a sister can do. Thank you!

2013 - A New Year!!!!
           Our family begins the New Year with a breakfast tradition begun by my beloved mother-in-law when husband David was young, Eggs Benedict. When we called to wish Dad  and his new bride, Marilyn, a happy New Year, we knew he would be making the same for her. Mom would be pleased. We miss her, but continue the traditions. The Joy of Cooking belonged to my Grandmother and contains our go-to recipe for Hollandaise Sauce. The quote is on a tag made by a dear friend, Nancy, and is now used as a bookmark. The small painting, given to me by my sister, Patricia, is of my two girls and our great friend, Biscuit. Chanticleer, the antique French iron rooster, stands watch over the eggs his girls have provided for the day.
            On New Year's morning, as on many others, husband David is the chef for our feast. I'm the one cleaning as we go and snapping the pictures.

The girls have made Chanti a hat while they wait.

   The quote, "A heart filled with gratitude and thanksgiving fills the whole being with song - an anticipation of life's happiness and peace." It was the 1995 Declaration of World Thanksgiving.

 An egg poacher really does help. Even Julia Child would have approved of the technique if not the visual effect. We don't mind the uniformity, as we can actually accomplish consistent, hot results.
Yum, yum! Thank you, David.

As we begin a new year, may it be filled with joy. Let gratitude light the way towards peace,contentment, and love. And thank you, whoever you may be, for sharing this time with me. Keep walking! It may take me some time to figure all this out.....Katherine

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